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The Master Of Woven Footwear



Bernie Mev. handbags incorporate the same DNA as our globally successful shoes do. They combine fashion, function ease of use for the modern lifestyle of active and casual people on the move. Learn more


Our signature hand woven elastic uppers and memory foam insoles, catering to all feet. Our technology continues to perfect a shoe that responds to every step taken by supporting the arch, absorbing shock, and rebounding in motion. Watch more



Our signature expandable, hand woven upper fits any kind of feet like a glove, memory foam foot bed that feels like you’re walking on clouds and an innovative color combinations and patterns in a wide array of shoe styles all unique and exclusive to Bernie Mev. Learn more


Bernie Mev was originally founded in 1974 in the USA and made traditional women’s footwear that was only sold domestically.
Recognizing its potential, Itamar and Rachel Carmi partnered with Bernie Mev in 2000, and by 2008 he had bought the company in its entirety and transformed it into an original lifestyle brand.
Today Bernie Mev is sold globally, from department stores to high-end boutiques to local and independent stores, all at full MSRP. Our newer men’s and children’s divisions are rapidly expanding and already constitute for approximately 15% of our total business, and our women’s division continues to grow at exponential rates.

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    Bernie Mev is an authentic American success, giving birth to an original and explosive classification of modern footwear. We have a broad range of consumers with zero bounds to age or demographics.


    Serving women, men, and children, we create a product mix with unlimited comfort, creativity, and fashion at affordable and accessible retail price points. Our use of unique technology, innovative constructions, creative materials, and prolific colors has won a devout legion of followers across the globe.

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    Bernie Mev identifies with and attracts today’s modern population of people in action, people who want to look and feel great. We create products that transcend  the boundaries of age, gender, demographics, and income, catering to all.


    Our consumers are devout believers in our products, testaments to our ideology, and loyal customers that not only return to but also spread our brand. We are proud to support every step of our customers, and are grateful to receive their support back.

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    It is our unique and ever-evolving technology that provides Bernie Mev an unparalleled space in the footwear industry. We put a vision of flexibility, comfort, and chic into reality with our signature hand woven elastic uppers and memory foam insoles, catering to all feet.


    Our technology continues to perfect a shoe that responds to every step taken by supporting the arch, absorbing shock, and rebounding in motion.
    We continuously move forward in our technological advances with the motivation of total customer satisfaction.

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    We incorporate classic European styles and a touch of modern technology into our designs, creating upscale, innovative, and ever evolving products.

     Our mixture of fashion, flexibility, and comfort coupled with our affordable prices has earned us recognition as the leading innovators of modern lifestyle footwear.

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bernie mev.
“Weave the World Together”

We don’t say this often, but it’s time to take our shoes off. Now we must walk in those of others; we must recognize the challenges people are facing on a daily basis, and help them build stronger foundations to lead happier lives. As a company we pride ourselves on our unique woven shoes. Our woven material provides the utmost comfort, support, and flexibility for your feet. Our shoes offer the perfect foundation for you to start your day in the right step. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys a comfortable life and that is where we step in. With your help, 100% of our net profit from featured Bernie Mev shoes will go directly to organizations aiming to help people lead better lives.

Come help us Weave the World Together.

-Leeron Carmi


  • "I now own several pairs now!", Michelle

    "I now own several pairs now! My first were the Comfi open toed Mary Janes (which I've worn the knobs off the bottom) - best shoe ever. Now own several different pairs since I couldn't find the same style and bought my mom 2 pair also because a lot of shoes hurt her feet, now she's telling everyone! If you want a forgiving shoe, for comfort here they are"

  • "I want a pair in every color.", Melissa

    "The most comfortable shoe you can ever buy! I want a pair in every color."

  • "Love, love, love!!!", Charlotte

    "I love my Bernie Mevs! I have 4 pairs and wouldn't wear anything else when I know I have to be on my feet for any period of time! I even wear them for my house shoes! Love, love, love!!!"

  • "how happy I am to own these shoes.", Stephanie

    "My new favorite brand. I can't stop telling people how happy I am to own these shoes."

  • " cushioned, and flexible.", Joanne

    "Perfect fit for a size 10 (ordered a 40). The most comfortable shoes I own. I bought these as I have a foot injury and needed a shoe that was comfortable, cushioned, and flexible."

  • "Love, love, love these shoes!", Lisa

    "Love, love, love these shoes! Just returned from a 7 day trip to NY, I packed 3 pairs of shoes and these were the only ones I wore. They are like slippers!"

  • "Love them!", Denise

    "Finally a ballet flat I can wear. I wear an 8W and the 38 fits perfectly. The stretchy upper keeps the shoe snug on my foot without rubbing. Love them!"

  • "I highly recommend them!", Sarah

    "I already had a pair of these Bernie Mev Catwalk shoes, and wanted red for the holidays. I have a hammer toe so it is difficult to get shoes that look great and feel comfortable. These are the BEST. Love these shoes. I highly recommend them!"

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